Changing PicturesCIRCLE OF DRAGONS - The "Circle of Dragons" training program is structured differently from the majority of other pocket billiards schools, both in curriculum and teaching methods. We offer students "Experiences" rather then simply teaching them techniques. At the "Circle of Dragons", the focus is on you, the individual.

The "Circle of Dragons" provides avenues of learning to satisfy any interest and fulfill the goals and demands of any student. For those of you who are interested in learning how to play better pocket billiards. We offer what is no doubt one of the most functional, efficient, and effective methods of pocket billiards ever developed. You are taught in a relaxed yet disciplined training environment using real teaching and training methods to improve your game.

We guide our students to find their own capabilities and their own talents. The class size is kept small and is designed to ensure personal attention and instruction to guide the student throughout this program. As a student, you are always going to be discovering new things that will keep your training exciting and stimulating. You will come away from every class a different person because you will have learned something about the game that you did not know.

The Instructors at the school have spent many years devoted to training in the art of Pocket Billiards and have attained a level of skill qualifying them to teach and guide others. The standards and expectations of the students and instructors are demanding. This training program requires a level of commitment above what is commonly seen in other programs.Dragon and Tiger

The "Circle of Dragons" is based on the student's ability to perform certain standards at each belt level. Each belt level is designed to increase the student's level of play. Testing is the opportunity for the student to demonstrate their proficiency in each level of belts in order to be able to advance and learn material that is more complicated. The "Circle of Dragons" feels testing provides structure for the students as well as goals in order to help them attain their ideals in Pocket Billiards.

Testing in the "Circle of Dragons" is the best. All students must demonstrate the last material before testing for the next level belt. It takes approximately ONE HOUR of testing per belt level. An example: the last belt rank is one hour of testing and then the new belt level is another hour of testing. The Master Instructor gives all testing only and it is a rigorous test under an experienced master instructor.

Testing is by invitation from one of the instructors. When the instructor determines you have shown that you are proficient in the material and have demonstrated good protocol and attitude, you are then invited to test. Testing is held one day per month. Passing students will receive their new belt rank and a certificate stating their new rank. It will also be posted at the school for everyone to see.

During testing for a higher belt level, the Master level instructor will be observing other parts of your game. Your stroke mechanics, Set, Pause, Finish, and use of chalk. In addition, your understanding of four parts to this game…follow, stop, draw, and spin; your speed control for position; your mental game, and how you manage the table will all be ranked. Without all of these parts, your game will break down.

If your basic game is solid then you should have no problem completing any of these tests. Once you reach the black belt level, your game will be very solid. All it takes is your commitment to work hard and understand where your knowledge level is…Let's get started!

Classes at the Institute of Billiard Sciences are conducted in quiet surroundings that are conducive to maximum learning. Students practice and experiment on the finest equipment available. We have three exquisite Connelly four-bolt rail tables for the students to play on. All distractions are removed to allow students to concentrate on improvement. Spectators are not allowed, and maximum privacy is assured. The “Institute of Billiard Sciences” is a full time school. It is not part of a retail store or part of a poolroom. It is never open to the public! The three tables in the classroom are available only to the Institutes Students.

Regardless of whether you are just learning to play pool for the first time, or you are a regular player who is struggling with your lack of consistent results. If you fail to make that critical shot in the important game, then it is time to enroll at the Institute of Billiard Sciences. See the difference for yourself!

At the Institute of Billiard Sciences, the classes are specially designed to help you bring your game to the next level of play, Regardless of your current ability. The individual attention you will receive at the Academy will provide maximum improvement in your game ---immediately in most cases.

The Academies environment is maintained, with custom textbooks provided for each student. The instruction time is divided between formal classroom presentations and discussions, and laboratory experiments and practice.

Practice drills are custom tailored to the needs of each student depending on the level of ability. A personal “Path to Improvement” is developed for each student during the course so the improvement can continue for months, and years, after the Academy's instruction is complete.

The instructor assures maximum one-on-one assistance for each student. The instructors at “The Institute of Billiards Sciences” possess excellent teaching skills in addition to a high level of understanding of pool and billiard techniques. Their communication skills speed the learning process and maximize each student's understanding of the material presented. A Certificate of Completion from one of the courses at the Academy is recognized as a premier accomplishment for any pool player, it is an elegant expression of your determination to play with assurance and consistency at any level of competition. Students who complete the Academies instructor certification program are confident they possess the tools to establish a rewarding second career as a pocket billiards instructor. This certification diploma is a virtual guarantee of success….

Play better pool in two days! Pool is both an art and a science, finding the proper balance of those two elements is easy when you spend two days at the “Institute of Billiard Sciences” located in Concord, NH.

Hours: By appointment only.
Contact Ken Tewksbury at 603-545-2709 or 603-225-8298 Concord, New Hampshire or e-mail me at ken@billiardinstructor.org