All Pool School courses or lessons are by appointment only. A workbook containing a brief outline of each lesson is provided for every student in which to take notes. Each workshop will cover the basic concepts of a specific skill to technique followed by drills designed to target those particular skills. After each workshop there is a discussion (question/answer) period followed by a short break. Lunch is one hour every day at around 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm to avoid the lunch rush. The dress code is very casual as comfort is a factor in learning. The classroom is a private instructional facility. To schedule an-initial or follow-up course, or if you have any other questions, call (603) 225-8298 to ask questions or make an appointment.

This course is an "introductory" class for beginning pocket billiard players. This is a two-day course and is specifically suited for aspiring players that have never held a cue, and beginning players who have played a little and want to gain a little more proficiency to enjoy the game more. This course includes (but not limited to):

Basic Orientation.
Pool terminology's
Getting familiar with the equipment (cue stick, balls, table, etc)
Understanding the mechanics (grip, bridge, stance, etc)
Develop a "Stroke" Basic pocketing of balls.

If you are just starting out and want to start having fun without being frustrated all the time, this course may be for you?

This course is for the accomplished player that has more then a passing acquaintance with the game. If you have been playing for sometime whether recreational or in competition, such as leagues or tournaments, this course may be for you. The advanced course is an intensive three-day course that covers a complete spectrum of skills and concepts required to excel at pocket billiards. This course begins by expanding the concepts and skills included in the Introductory course.

Then continues into the advanced concepts needed in order to complete at a whole new level. This is a fully comprehensive course covering the necessary skills in order to become a proficient player, and is our most popular course to date. Some of the skills covered in this course are:
Advanced concept and application of grip, bridge, and Stance. Advanced concept and application of the Stroke. How to become consistence, ball address, Centergistics, Cueball quantification, speed control, sighting and aiming, the stop shot, Science & Physics, Tangent lines, Elastic collisions, friction factors, practicing & more...

The Expert course expands a player's arsenal of skills through advanced application. A player gains more understanding of how the concepts from the advanced course interact, and how top apply this knowledge in new ways. If you are a seasoned player and you're ready to tackle the next level, this course may be for you. Proficiency with the skills covered in the advanced course is necessary in order to perform and apply the concepts of the Expert course. Therefore, the advanced course is a prerequisite for this course. Some of the concepts covered in this course are:

Psychology, Physics, & Physiology, Choke syndromes, Shape, Pattern play, Strategy, Safeties, Banks, Kicks, Breaking.

Along with the standard Pool School curriculum, the Instructor Training Program emphasizes the skills needed to become a competent instructor. Training includes video skills, presentation & communication, creating class formats, drill concepts, evaluation techniques, and various homework assignments. During this training, the Instructor Candidate will assist in teaching a class under the supervision of a Master Instructor.

Sessions are "by-the-hour" classes for students who wish to work on specific skills can be done at the Pool School facility or in your home (as long as you have a table). The availability of sessions are based on the availability of an instructor during your desired time and is therefore by appointment only.

Hours: By appointment only.
Contact Ken Tewksbury at 603-545-2709 or 603-225-8298 Concord, New Hampshire or e-mail me at